The New EP 

 Even If It Breaks 

 Available Everywhere June 25th 

Born Animal is putting the rock back in indie-rock. Created by Ryan Stowe, and Stephen Luther  in 2015,  the then-college-students hit their stride immediately, wowing audiences with electric live shows and songs that won’t get out of your head. Taking influence from every decade of music, Born Animal blends riff-based rock with powerhouse vocals and rebellious lyricism.

The next year of writing and rehearsing culminated in Celebration Revolution, self-released on Dec. 1st 2017. The EP was featured on Lightning 100, Pancakes & Whiskey (NYC), The Deli (Nashville) and charted at #140 on the NACC Charts. During that time, the band transitioned to a regional act, touring the southern U.S. and appearing at four SXSW 2018 shows. Not forgetting love for their home city of Nashville, Born Animal also played Vanderbilt’s Rites of Spring 2018 and was a finalist in Lightning 100’s Music City Mayhem. The band also had a lineup change, with Adam Uttz taking over on drums.

Born Animal’s third EP Even If It Breaks was released in June 2019, and in celebration the band played a sold out release show in their hometown of Nashville. With the help of producer Dean Alexander, the newest album sounds like the band is rocking right in front of you. It’s Born Animal’s strongest effort yet, stacked with anthems and head bangers, and a guiding message of perseverance in spite of failure and doubt. The album has been featured on Lightning 100 and 102.9 The Buzz.

Born Animal is already planning their next release before the end of 2019.


"Fresh, curious energy... inspiring" - Lincoln Parish


"Rife with catchy guitar licks and has that foot-tapping ability that is hard to find these days" - Pancakes and Whiskey